Then and now…

Parallels between A Study in Pink and The Reichenbach Fall


Martin talking earnestly to PJ.  He has such expressive hands.



i bet my whole entire skeleton that mycroft has referred to john as “my brother-in-law” to a third party at least once


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELANA here’s our perfect person looking subtly but unbearably adorable, i love you 


little sherlock gets obsessed with drawing bees as a child and eventually he draws one massive bee on his bedroom wall with permanent markers and he kicks up so much of a fuss that his parents never paint over it and it’s still on the wall when he takes his husband there three decades later and john just looks at it fondly and gives sherlock a kiss while whispering what a ridiculous man he is

There’s an east wind coming.

There’s an east wind coming.

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I’m making a mini Baker Street :) my goal for tomorrow is to start making the furniture


please don’t stand so close to me;I’m having trouble breathing.I’m afraid of what you’ll seeright now.


please don’t stand so close to me;
I’m having trouble breathing.
I’m afraid of what you’ll see
right now.

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